About Me

About Me

I was born in London U.K. in April 1935.  This means that I lived through the war in England, and lost a sister because of the bombings.  I also lost a few years of schooling due to evacuation and my schools being bombed.  So, I was never the brightest kid on the block.  But, while the other kids were stealing (looting) the parquet flooring to heat their houses, I was stealing the books and, I read a lot.  You can learn a lot through reading.  Try it sometime.   Try reading biographies and learn from other peoples mistakes.  Experience is a wonderful teacher but, the price can be very high.

Left school at 15 and had a string of various jobs from iron foundry work to retail shops.  Eighteen all told until I left home at seventeen because, although it was a loving home with great parents, I wanted “Adventure”.  Just like my father who had joined the army at fifteen and fought, at fifteen, in the first world war in Egypt and Europe.

I first went to Ireland for a few months as I was thinking of joining the Irish Army.  Better uniform and better pay than a conscript in the British army but had second thoughts and returned to work on a farm in Wales until I was old enough to join the British army as a volunteer, where I served a total of three years with one year in Germany.

On demob had several more jobs, mainly in the building industry, until joining the London Metropolitan Police serving in “P” Division at Lewisham.  Was asked to join the C.I.D. before my probation was over and stayed for a few years until personal problems caused me to resign.  Had a few more different jobs including door to door selling and selling Mr Whippy’s Ice Cream.

Joined the Port of London Authority Police covering the docks in London and served with them until it was obvious there were going to be momentous changes with a move to Tilbury so I rejoined the Metropolitan Police once again, in “D” Division St John’s Wood and Paddington, and after a few months rejoined the C.I.D.

In 1968 I left the police, and with my wife and three children left for Adelaide, South Australia.  There I got a job in the local brewery and applied to join the South Australian Police only to be told, that at thirty four I was too old to join the police, despite my experience, but they would consider me for the band if I could play a musical instrument.  I politely told them what they could do with their musical instruments and got a job as Security Officer for John Martin’s, a large retail store.

Didn’t take too long to become bored and I started a security company which later secured the contact to protect all army bases in the Adelaide area.  Branched into Cash Carrying, Burglar Alarms, Store Detectives, Process Serving and Private Investigation. Eventually to have a branch office in Melbourne and a total of forty five on staff at one time.

In 1976 my wife had grown homesick, left me and gone back to the U.K.  Eventually I met and married the love of my life, Bronwen.   We have traveled extensively through Europe, Asia and America.  The last trips for me was to see The Ankor Wat and The Taj Mahal.

Unfortunately I had a general manager who did the dirty on me and, while I was away with Bronwen in 1979 in the U.K. seeing my mother and siblings for the last time.  He tried to take over the business and nearly succeeded but, I lasted out and grew again.  He failed completely.  Morals do count. But I was broke on our return and had to sell some of the businesses to survive.   But I kept Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd and Process Servers (Australia) and, eventually sold them both in 2005.  Both businesses are still in existence.

In 2014 as I had emptied my bucket list, except for a 900cc Yamaha Cruiser (I may be old but I am not stupid), I took up learning the ukulele and in 2015 at eighty, took up field archery with a traditional longbow.

Just now I am learning to operate a BLOG.  This should be interesting.

Who knows what the future holds.

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